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With the wide range of expansion of networking, be it any field of business operations, or defense of the country no IT organization can afford to be without high caliber and proactive security, monitoring and management capability. In the recent times within a short span the influence of networking has grown leaps and bounds resulting in virtual dependence of whole corporate world. This web-based technology has greatly improved the business efficiency by enhancement of communication skill with the customer. This has also brought along-with it the new dimensions of threat to the security of the confidential data of an organization.Computer security comprises of all the methods and procedures which assure that data entered into a computer today will be retrievable at a later time by, and only by, those authorized to do so. In most computers, security systems are installed, keeping in mind the cost in system performance, ease of use, complexity and management time. In today's competitive world every organization need to safe guard its precious information resources so as to reduce risk factors to a ground level.In a recently conducted survey, a fact has been established that more than seventy percent security threats that an organization faces are from inside. The "Vulnerability" of your network and hence the confidential data has increased. The level of security implemented depends on how crucial the data is, how vulnerable is the system to security threats.We in VIBRA have studied these requirements of customers deeply and found that security measures implemented in an organization with respect to LAN and WAN need to be implemented as per the security needs and the concept of "Plug & Play", as promoted by vendors generally, should not be applied. Moreover, regular up-dating of security measures at short intervals is necessary. This is where consultants like VIBRA come in picture.


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E-Security !!

e-Security and Network Management Services

Digital economy demands computerizing and networking all your operating resources. VC's with their associates in-depth knowledge, expertise, and experience in setting up networking infrastructure and its management, would take care of the entire gamut - managing your systems, database, applications and your Internet infrastructure, using sophisticated software. You can also take help of our Remote Network Management Services or the on-site consultancy services to set up your own Network Operations Center.

We recommends that:

  • The organisation should develop a robust set of security policies and procedures to minimise information security risks.
  • Senior management should commit to protecting the information assets of the organisation by playing a leading role in adopting and enforcing security policy and reviewing security preparedness on a periodic basis
  • Users should be made better aware of the safe practices for using the IT resources of the organisation.
  • Secure network architecture should be designed with strong access control policies enforced between network segments.
  • The server and network administrators should afford high priority to fixing the vulnerabilities and holes in the servers and network devices. [The list of these vulnerabilities with their fixes are presented as appendices in this report]
  • Insecure configurations settings of servers and network devices should be tightened to safeguard these critical resources. [The list of unsafe settings and their appropriate values are discussed in the appendices of this report]
  • Security best practices in administering network and servers should be developed and their compliance should be monitored.
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